About Me

I am a Londoner and am very grateful to be one. I’m twenty, I have incredible friends and a wonderful sister. I’ve had a lucky life so far, and am conscious of the need to understand the lives of those who aren’t so lucky. I’m a student of history and economics, and a part-time aspiring spanish speaker. Still very much ab-initio at present…

I have recently moved to Texas to continue studying and gain some experience in journalistic writing ‘the American way’. (Whatever that turns out to be!) The original idea for this blog came as an extension for my diaries – I’ve been writing diaries for years but have always been quite a private person. Very new to the blogging community, I find the concept of writing and reading the work of effectively unknown ‘friends’ across the world fascinating. It seems so easy to empathise with and understand the thoughts of someone you’ll never meet, and that’s powerful.

In that vein, I hope to use my site to document my work, interests and ideas as I commence a new strand of life.


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