10 Things I’ve learnt about Britain after 2 days in Austin

  1. We shouldn’t feel bad about talking about the weather – clouds, sun, rain, snow. There’s really quite a lot to spice a conversation up.
  2. The Britain/ United Kingdom thing can truly puzzle
  3. OUR PUBIC TRANSPORT…. too much to love and appreciate. A bus every 30 mins??? None of that on Green Lanes.
  4. We’ve got the clothes shopping down. Definitely the preferred ratio of H&Ms to the overall population, and not even secluded in out of town ‘malls.’ Us British are all up for the high street browsing.
  5. Tea and Hot Tea are different things. Big mistakes can be made here.
  6. LONDON IS EXPENSIVE – and we genuinely aren’t just being paid more and spending more. We work like mad.
  7. We love fruit. And fine cheese. (American selection: ‘white rubbery block’ / ‘orange rubbery block’.)
  8. Sadly, across the Atlantic Britain is actually included in Europe… Seems it’s only us who still retain that ‘continent’ and ‘isles’ distinction.
  9. But saying you’re from London is synonymous to saying you’re from Wonderland. NOTHING COULD EXCITE THE AMERICAN MORE.
  10. Our general enthusiasm for life is abysmal. Should maybe think about introducing that ‘Hey, how are you, what can I get you?’ *flash a toothy smile* the moment you enter a shop. Or maybe not.british_empire

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